1.1 Contract I (G Principles) & Consumer Protection Act. 1986 (amended upto date)
1.2 Law of Contract II (Specific Contracts)
1.3 Law of Torts. motor vehicle act
1.4 Family Law-I (Hindu Law)
1.5 Family Law-II (Mohammedan Law)
1.6 Constitutional Law of India 1.7 Environmental Law
1.8(C) Criminal Minor act (Optional)
1.9 Professional Ethics & Bar. Bench relations (Practical)

2.1 Jurisprudence
2.2 Law of Crimes (IPC)
2.3 Law Relating to Transfer of Prop, and Easement.
2.4 Company Law
2.5 Public International Law and Human Rights.
2.6 Labour Laws
2.7 Administrative Law
2.8 Insurance Law (Optional)
2.9 PIL, Legal aid & Para Legal Services. (Practical)

3.1 Law of Evidence
3.2 Law Relating to Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Justice & Probation of offenders.
3.3 Law of Civil Procedure and Limitation
3.4 Legal language, Legal Writing and Interpretation of Statutes.
3.5 Trust, Equity and Fiduciary Relationships.
3.6(B) Intellectual Property Law (Optional)
3.7 Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternative Dispute Resol System
3.8 Land Laws
3.9 Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing and Pre-Trial PreparatiomParticipation in Trail Proceedings and moot courts. (Practical)

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