1.1 Contract I (G Principles) & Consumer Protection Act. 1986 (as amended upto date) 
1.2 Law of Contract II (Specific Contract, Sale of goods Act 1930, Indian Partnership Act 1932 & Specific Relief Act, 1963) 
1.3 Law of Torts & motor vehicle act 
1.4 Family Law-I (Hindu Law) 
1.5 Family Law-II (Mohammedan Law) 
1.6 Constitutional Law of India-I

1.7 Constitutional Law of India- II
1.8 Environmental Law
1.9(C) Criminal Minor act (Optional) 
1.10 Professional Ethics Lawyer’s Accountability & Bar- Bench relations (Practical)

2.1 Jurisprudence 
2.2 Law of Crimes (IPC) 
2.3 Law Relating to Transfer of Prop, and Easement. 
2.4 Company Law 
2.5 Public International Law and Human Rights. 
2.6 Labour Laws -I

2.7 Labour Laws -II
2.8 Administrative Law 
2.9 Insurance Law (Optional) 
2.10 PIL, Legal aid & Para Legal Services. (Practical)

3.1 Law of Evidence 
3.2 The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 & Probation of offender Act, 1958. 
3.3 The Code Civil Procedure 1908 and Limitation Act 1963
3.4 Legal language, Legal Writing including General English and Interpretation of Statutes. 
3.5 Trust, Equity and Fiduciary Relationship. 
3.6(B) Intellectual Property Law (Optional) 
3.7 Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternative Disputes Resol. System 
3.8 Land Laws 
3.9 Drafting, Pleading, Conveyancing and moot courts Trial. (Practical)

Every candidate offering himself for LL.M. Part I examination shall be examined in the following papers. Each paper shall be of three hours duration and carry 100 marks: 
Paper I - Law & Social Transformation in India 
Paper II - Indian Constitutional Law and the New Challenges 
Paper III - Judicial Process. 
Paper IV - Legal Research and Research Methodology.

Every candidate offering himself/ herself for the LL.M. Part II Examination shall be examined in following papers. Each paper shall be of 3 hours duration and carry 100 marks Branch III Business Law: 
Paper I -Law of Industrial and Intellectual Property. 
Paper II -Legal Regulation of economic enterprises including export & import regulation. 
Paper III -Banking Law. 
Paper IV -Insurance Law. 
Paper V -Corporate Finance. 
Note:- A Candidate may offer Case Study/ Survey Report/ Field Work in lieu of a paper at the LL.M. Part II examination. The Case Study/ Survey Report/ Field Work shall be of 70 Marks and viva-voce 30 marks.

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